Hearts & Homes: Living Life Inspired!

Suburbia Mom Goes Country:

Rosanne Hearn is my ambitious “work wife.” When you run a business together,  it truly is like a second marriage.

She is the “D” personality in our partnership. If you know anything about the DISC profile, D stands for Driver. She is Direct. She is disciplined. She is fast and focused.

On a personal note, Rosanne has been married for over 20 plus years. She and her husband met when they worked together at the same law firm. Yes ladies, she was THAT secretary! (Don’t worry. They were both single) She was the one who met the lawyer, had six children, and lives as happily ever after as possible with kids, dogs, and a spoiled kitty.  

Before real estate, Rosanne was an organic health and beauty representative, as well as a fitness instructor at the YMCA. I’m pretty sure if I had ever had the opportunity to take her spinning class, she would have killed me.  She has high standards when it comes to health, fitness, and all the things she sets out to do. These are great attributes to have in a partner. I love her make it happen style. I also get to see the HUGE heart, that hides behind her usual poker face.  She likes to keep a tough exterior, but every now and then she laughs and smiles. And it is in those moments you realize Rosanne is really not a Russian spy. Just an exceptional, rockstar realtor.

We actually first met at a Starbucks back in April of 2016, when she reached out to me after reading one of my blogs. I remember her saying she had always thought she would be good in real estate. As I smiled and nodded, my head was thinking, “Girl. You have no idea what is involved.”  I never thought she would actually get licensed. Our friendship quickly grew when we sold Premier Designs together. Hence why we originally called ourselves “Your Premier Agents” which also alluded to our premier level of service. Ultimately, a year and a half later, our season changed. We decided to grow our business in an exciting new direction.

We rebranded at Keller Williams Jacksonville as The Coastal Home Group.

Rosanne and I have many commonalities, though we also have our differences. Professionally, and personally. One fun house fact that we share is we both built two story white homes. I originally had a red door, as she does. In more recent years, I painted mine to a coastal green hue.

My husband and I decided to build our home in a master planned community.

The Hearn’s moved out of suburbia, and to the Florida Boonies. Better known as the “country” part of St. John’s. One of their main reasons was they were excited to build their own dream house without being confined to a rigid, builder designed layout.

We’ve both discussed the pros and cons of where we live.  HOAville vs. free and clear land. According to Rosanne, she wishes she had really considered these 3 points  before moving to a rural area:

1. Kids. Do you have them? Will you? When you choose to live in a low traffic area, be prepared for a more challenging situation when it comes to play dates. No cul de sacs.  No parks. No organized programs or amenities.

2. Prehistoric Bugs. Some of the bugs they’ve encountered on their property make you want to close all the windows and throw a tent over the house. That’s right. Then you can live in a true bubble. Sadly, some of these bugs were probably around when dinosaurs roamed, and they still crawl, so my bet is on the creepers.

3. No CDD or HOA fees. Although, nobody like to pay extra, you do get some extra levels of comfort. And sometimes pain in the arse Community cops too. From our own personal experiences, we’ve received our unfair share of letters and fines for our basketball hoop. On the contrast, if you are looking for and extra toilet or law mower? Rosanne’s neighbors on the corner might be able to hook you up.  That house reminds me of the Sanford and Sons junkyard. Or an outdoor hoarder.

If you are unsure what area is best for your lifestyle needs, a consultation is always a great place to start.  The Coastal Home Group would love to schedule a personal meeting with you today, to find out how we may best service you, your friends, or your families needs.

Nikki-Lyn Holm